#069: How to Read the Summa in One Year

Taylor sits down with Dave Palmer to discuss how laymen can read the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas in one year with tips and advice to make it achievable.

Summa Theologica

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Mary and the Eucharist: The Catholic Joy Missing in Your Life

Are you a person of joy and quiet peace? From my experience teaching and counseling people, I’ve learned that a person’s joy and peace is usually related to their understanding of 2 Catholic teachings: Mary and the Eucharist.

Our ability to handle stress, relationships, and even our health grows as we become followers of Jesus Christ because He is the source of all joy, endurance, health, and peace.


The popes and saints (especially Saint John Paul II) teach us that the best ways to know Christ are:

Mary (she leads us to Him) and the Eucharist (It is Christ Himself!)

I’d like to invite you to a Live Catholic Webinar I’m hosting (free) this Thursday April 23 at 8pm Central called: “The Catholic Power of Mary and the Eucharist.”

Click to here to register for the “Mary and Eucharist” Webinar.

Two weeks ago we had a webinar on Divine Mercy with over 700 live participants. Let’s keep it up and figure out how we can set this world on fire for Christ! If you want to learn your faith and rediscover the joy of your salvation, join us this Thursday.

The way our Webinar software works, you must register and reserve your spot in order to be part of my presentation on Thursday night:

Click to here to register for the “Mary and Eucharist” Webinar.

It’s live so don’t miss it. I’ll see you Thursday night! Just follow the simple directions at registration.

[Video] My top recommended Catholic Tools, Books, and Resources that you need for Apologetics

“What are the best tools that every Catholic should have access to when doing Catholic theology and apologetics?”

We get asked this question all the time at the New Saint Thomas Institute, and so we made a video to explain what books and resources that you should get – most of them won’t cost you any money. I explain what I use and what I recommend for you to take it to the next level in your faith.

If you are already a Member of the New Saint Thomas Institute, you’ll remember this “tools and resources” video from our previous Getting Started in Catholic Apologetics Module from earlier this year”

  1. What is Catholic Apologetics?
  2. Habits of the Effective Apologist
  3. Tools of the Catholic Apologist
  4. 5 Mistakes Catholics Make in Apologetics (Don’t Do These)
  5. Quiz for the Secrets of Apologetics

If you want to finish and explore the rest of the video lessons in this module, please log in here.

If you don’t see your video about the “Tools of the Catholic Apologist” in your email or browser, please click here to begin watching it.

Have a great week. Stay spiritually salty and continue to bless people around you with the love and truth of Christ.

Taylor Marshall

PS: If you’re already a Mighty Mighty Muskox of the NSTI, check out yesterday’s new video lesson on the Catholic teaching on Church and State as it relates to secularism. It’s pretty interesting and theologically “oxsome”!

NSTI Certificate

Can Christians Smoke Marijuana, Get High, and Get Drunk? Answer from Scripture, Thomas Aquinas, Catechism

Can Christians smoke Marijuana. Can they get high? Can they get drunk?

In this video from the New Saint Thomas Institute I explain the biblical teaching on intoxication as it relates to our the faculties of our intellect and will. We look at Scripture, Philosophy, and the Catechism. This video is getting lots of buzz, so I hope you enjoy it.

Question: Please feel free to ask questions about Marijuana, etc. below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you are having trouble watching or seeing this video on Marijuana, Drugs, and Alcohol, please click here to watch it.

Do you have friends and family who need to see this video? Share it on Facebook by clicking here.

If you like this video, you can join over 1,600 students at the New Saint Thomas Institute and earn your Certificate in Theology with us. Click here to sign up before registration closes or spots run out.

NSTI Certificate

Is the Divine Mercy Devotion a Heresy? Why Rome once Condemned Divine Mercy and How John Paul II Reversed that Decision

Did you know that the Divine Mercy devotion was once banned by Rome?

divine mercy oldIn 1959, the Holy Office in Rome (what is now the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) issued a notification forbidding the circulation of “images and writings that promote devotion to Divine Mercy in the forms proposed by Sister Faustina.”

At this time, the Holy See was worried that the Divine Mercy devotion was too generous because the promises given by Christ to Sister Faustina (regarding full remission of temporal and eternal punishment) seemed to rival the graces of the seven sacraments and exceed the greatest papal indulgences! So the message and even the image of Divine Mercy (with the blood and water flowing out) were condemned…but then came Saint John Paul II!

Do you want to learn more about how Saint John Paul II reversed the previous ruling and then spread the message of Divine Mercy over the entire world?

Tonight, I’m hosting a live Catholic Webinar Event explaining the history of this controversy and then showing how Saint John Paul II rectified and promoted Saint Faustina’s message and image of Divine Mercy! It’s an exciting story and it will change your life! You and your Catholic friends will not want to miss this live event. This is like going to a Catholic conference – but it’s free and online!

Webinar Divine Mercy

We already have 1,431 people registered for our Catholic Webinar Event on Divine Mercy tonight at 8pm Central. It’s live so don’t miss it!

Click here to register for “The History and Power of Divine Mercy with Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II.” I guarantee that your life will be changed forever as you come to understand the amazing power of Christ for our times in the Third Millennium. You need to experience the Mercy of God afresh.

I’ll also be giving away signed print copies of my books (Crucified Rabbi, Catholic Perspective on Paul, Eternal City, Sword and Serpent, Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages) and a free 1 year tuition Membership to the New Saint Thomas Institute during the webinar like I have in the past.

The way our Webinar software works, you must register before hand, so please sign up by clicking here.

Click here to register for “The History and Power of Divine Mercy with Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II.”

Please feel free to share this link with your Catholic friends on Facebook and especially with friends who are interested in becoming Catholic. The message of Divine Mercy will resonate with them. Again here’s the direct link to sign up:


Your Invitation to this Live Catholic Webinar on Divine Mercy is here!

I’m so excited. This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and we need to get everyone we know to meet Jesus in the Moment of Mercy. I will be giving a live webinar on Thursday night (April 9, 2015) about the History and Power of Divine Mercy with Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II. Click here to register.

Webinar Divine Mercy

Not everyone knows that Saint Faustina’s message was persecuted. The Holy Office in Rome prohibited her works and even the image of Divine Mercy!

We’ll talk about this, the promised remission of all eternal and temporal punishment and the role of Saint John Paul II in validating the devotion.

It will be full of information that will help you love being a Catholic. Most of all, you leave the webinar with more zeal and excitement for Christ and His Church. Click here to register.

It’s live, so don’t miss it. I look forward to joining you and hundreds live on Thursday night (April 9 2015) at 8pm Central

8pm Central = 9pm Eastern = 7pm Mountain = 6pm Pacific

It’s online, live, and free. But you must register to gain access to the live webinar. Click here to register.

Webinar Divine Mercy

Catholic Video on Homosexuality: How to Explain the Catholic Teaching

Catholics are feeling less and less secure and confident defending their Catholic Faith with regard to the growing tide of support for homosexuality.

There is a gracious but orthodox answer that we Catholics can provide when asked about homosexuality that upholds the traditional teaching from Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Unfortunately, many Bibles incorrectly blot out condemnation of homosexual activity. In this video I explain the Greek words used in the New Testament against homosexual behavior:

[This video below is an excerpt of a much longer video lesson unit that we did in the New Saint Thomas Institute: but gives you the basic rundown of the sinfulness of homosexuality in the New Testament:]

If you are having problems watching the video in your email or browser, please click here.

Question: Had you ever heard about this controversy over the Greek words surrounding homosexuality? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

For those who don’t yet belong to the New Saint Thomas Institute, I’ve got some good news:

Easter Registration for the New Saint Thomas Institute just opened. Here’s what you’ll get if you sign up now (195 new spots are left to the public):

  1. Weekly HD Video Lessons on Catholic Theology and Apologetics from Dr Taylor Marshall
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Plus these bonus items for Easter Registration:

  1. You will receive access not only to the Certificate in Catholic Theology – but also to the NSTI Certificate in Catholic Philosophy and Thomistic Studies and the Certificate in Catholic Apologetics
  2. Free ebook of my book The Crucified Rabbi
  3. Bonus mp3s on Catholic Masculinity, Saint Joseph, and How to Pray the Rosary Daily by Taylor
  4. 2 Videos on the basics of Logic and common Logic Fallacies

You also get a full 21 day guarantee. If you don’t like it, you’ll get a free refund and you keep all the bonuses. No questions asked. However, with so many Members of the New Saint Thomas and our steady growth, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely beneficial. Our retainment rate is 96%!

Some of you have been waiting for 3 months to join. It’s now open. Click here to get started.

NSTI Certificate

Joy and Taylor are having 8th Baby!!!

Speaking of Easter and New Life in Christ: Joy and I are having our eighth baby!!! Alleluia!


Jesus Christ has blessed us in so many ways. I truly feel like we are living an abundant life.

Still A Little Nervous…

This Easter was joyous and a little nerve-racking as we began to tell family about the new bundle of Joy, and as we let the reality sink in.

When we married, Joy was 22 and I was 23. Back then, we were not yet Catholic, but we still thought it would be great to have 8 children. It’s kind of hard to believe that we are there. We’re both a little nervous.

Having a new infant usually takes a deep divot out of sleep, diet, planning, calendar, health, and emotional stability. Joy especially will need some TLC and prayer as we move into the 2nd and 3rd trimester marathons while being mama to 7. Please pray for her and for us. A decade of the Rosary would be much appreciated by all of us if you have it in you. Thanks so much!!!

Joy is Amazing!

Joy is so amazing. We’ve been married 14 years. She works so hard and keep our house of 9 (now 10) people spinning toward excellence. When I was a naive 23 year old immature man-boy, I really did not appreciate how much God had blessed me with His choice for my wife. Joy, if you’re reading this, thank you for blessing my life and providing this beautiful family for us!

If I have written or taught anything that was helpful to anyone (books, blogs, audio, NSTI) it was because Joy inspired me to do it. She is the woman of Proverbs 31.

I’d Love Your Advice:

PS: I’d also LOVE some advice from fathers and mothers of large families. What’s the secret to making it all work?

PPS: When at the grocery store, people like to say: “Wow. Those are all your kids. Don’t you know how that happens?” What’s the best gracious comeback line? I’ve got a few, but I’d love to hear yours.

Baby Names?

Question: Also, what should we name this baby? Joy would kill me if I put up a poll. But I’d still love it if you left a comment with a name suggestion: [First] [Middle] Marshall. All of our kids have saints names and we will probably do the same for this new addition. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Thomas Aquinas on the Death of Christ: Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity [Video and Audio]

Why did Jesus Christ die and how do we properly understand His death as it relates to His divinity and His humanity – especially His soul and body?

Here’s a preview video unit lesson from the Certificate in Catholic Theology curriculum from the New Saint Thomas Institute on the death of Christ as explained by Saint Thomas Aquinas. I’ve included the video file and the audio mp3 file for your convenience.

 If you don’t see the video in your browser or email, please click here.


If you want to earn our Certificate in Catholic Theology through the New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI), our enrollment is currently full and closed. However, we will open a limited number of spots for Easter. If you want the opportunity to join when we open these enrollment spots, please make sure that you are on our Priority Waiting List by clicking here.

We have over 1,500 students in NSTI from 30 nations! Learn more about how you can get deep into Catholic philosophy, theology, and apologetics through our online video unit courses a NewSaintThomas.com.

You can leave a comment by clicking here.