5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make When Defending the Catholic Church

Are you making these 5 mistakes when you defend Catholic teaching or the Catholic Church?

In this video I retell how I as a Protestant once (aggressively and rudely) challenged the Catholic philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft in person and how Dr. Kreeft’s calm and researched replies demonstrated the BEST in Catholic apologetics and technique. Wouldn’t you know it – I’m Catholic now! I’ll also explain the 5 common mistakes that you might make and how to avoid them:

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Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.48.53 AM

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How to Make a Catholic Theology Resolution for 2015

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Tommy the Muskox, Our School Mascot

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to Jesus through Mary,

Taylor Marshall

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Top 5 Christmas Movies

Do you get into heated debates around Christmas over which movies should be considered “classic” Christmas movies, and you’re pretty sure you know which one is best?

Watch the video below as I give my top 5 Christmas movies of all time that every family can watch this Christmas:

NSTI Taylor Marshall Top 5 Christmas Movies

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Take Me to Church Lyrics and Meaning – A Christian Analysis and Critique

If you have a radio in your car, you have probably heard the popular song “Take Me to Church” by Irish recording artist Hozier. For those who don’t listen to the radio or care about pop music, all you need to know is that this song was nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammy’s.

Hozier Take Me To Church

Recording Artist Hozier

The song is hauntingly beautiful with subtle verses and a soulful chorus. Admittedly, when I first heard it, I thought, “Wow, this is a powerful song. It’s almost hymn-like.” It’s Elton John mixed with an old Southern Spiritual from the American Civil War.

But then I started listening to the lyrics…

“Take Me to Church” by Hozier could only have been written by an Irishmen with Catholic roots. When he sings of “Church,” it is a “sacrifice” at a “shrine” with a “ritual” and includes “I’ll tell you my sins.”

However, Hozier’s religion is not Protestant or Evangelical Christianity. This is Irish Catholicism with a blasphemous twist…

Take Me to Church Lyrics Analyzed

Regrettably, the lyrics to “Take Me to Church” are pretty blasphemous. Here’s my theological analysis with my commentary in the red:

[Verse 1]
My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner (So this is the cue. The God throughout the song is a girlfriend.)
If the Heavens ever did speak (“If the Heavens ever” = revealed religion is cast into doubt)
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
“We were born sick”, you heard them say it (“they” [Catholics] teach original sin)
My church offers no absolutes (So unlike Catholicism, there are no moral absolutes – only relativism)
She tells me “worship in the bedroom” (the liturgy is sex. It’s the place of union between him and the “god”/girlfriend)
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it (acknowledges original sin – but he loves it)
Command me to be well (a reference to Christ commanding people to be well in the Gospels)

Amen, Amen, Amen

[Chorus] (x2)
Take me to church (remember, “Church” here is sexual reference in this song)
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife (confession reference)
Offer me my deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life (he hands over his life to her the “god”)

[Verse 2]
If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the Goddess on my side (the god/girlfriend is also a goddess)
She demands a sacrifice (here’s where the song gets “Eucharistic” with reference to sacrificial meal and hunger…)
Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable? (reference to the Christ Child “in the stable”)
We’ve a lot of starving faithful
That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work

[Chorus] (x2)

No masters or kings when the ritual begins (egalitarian ritual – sex)
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin (hey, at least he knows it’s sin – he’s Irish!)
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene (a reference perhaps to leaving earth into the “heavenly bliss” of sexual embrace)
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean (he ends with a reference the sexual completion as a kind of baptism or absolution)

Amen, Amen, Amen

Take Me to Church Meaning

What’s amazing about his song is that it’s about as offensive as anything produced by Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, or Slayer - yet hardly anyone recognizes it!

It takes rich Catholic sacramental language but re-signifies the imagery as a sexual encounter. And that’s the so-called “genius” of this song.

The music industry is now much smarter than it was in the days of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Slayer. Your daughter is not likely to love Marilyn Manson and erect an idol to Satan in her bedroom. Your son will not likely consecrate his baby to Lucifer and baptize him in goat’s blood.

Overt Satanism is out of style. However, young people are likely to exchange their Christian faith for sexual license. The stats show that young people will likely exchange the sacramental life and liturgy for the liturgy of sexual experimentation.

And that’s exactly why this song has become an American anthem. The devil doesn’t needs a league of heavy metal Satanists. He’d almost prefer to have people mocking the Christian sacraments and ritual.

If God isn’t real – “If the Heavens ever did speak” – then the only goods to be enjoyed in this life are the pleasures of food and sex. That’s all there is left for humans to experience transcendence. Hozier gets it and he sings for us a catchy hymn.

In an interview with New York Magazine in March 2014, the artist Hozier stated:

‘Take Me to Church’ is essentially about sex, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek attack at organizations that would… undermine humanity by successfully teaching shame about sexual orientation — that it is sinful, or that it offends God…

But it’s not an attack on faith… it’s an assertion of self, reclaiming humanity back for something that is the most natural and worthwhile.

So there you have it from Hozier himself.


I know it’s a catchy song. There’s a part of me that likes it. But seriously, this is probably one of the most sacramental songs every popularized – and it sacramentalizes the wrong values.

That’s my two cents.



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#058: The Hidden Theology in Sword and Serpent with St George and Sabra

Get a free copy of my book God’s Birthday by clicking here.

My goal this week is to share some secret information and the theology embedded in my Amazon Bestselling novel Sword and Serpent.

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Become An Expert Catholic Apologist With NSTI This Year

Do you feel confident talking to non-Catholics about the faith? Are you worried you might not know what to say, or you don’t know enough about the faith to take on tough questions regarding what we believe as Catholics? Or are you an expert at defending only one area of the Church’s teaching but not so great with the others?

The New Saint Thomas Institute is offering an Apologetics Certificate in 2015 with videos that will equip you to become an expert Catholic apologist.

Watch the video below to learn more about what I’ll cover in our premium video series that will equip Catholics to defend the faith with confidence and competence:

Apologetic syllabus

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Starting Dec. 15th, NSTI will open spring enrollment for our Apologetics Certificate video series, as well as all previous content from 2013-2014 in our Theology Certificate. The videos will cover techniques on defending against:

  • Protestants
  • Judaism/Islam
  • New Age and Cults
  • Dissenting and Lapsed Catholics
  • Atheism/Secularism

As well as a video series on the moral teachings of the church (abortion, same-sex marriage, drugs, etc.) and a module on what apologetics is and how to adopt the habits of a good apologist.  You can download and view the entire syllabus here.

You don’t have to wait until Dec. 15th to get on the list though. Go to the New Saint Thomas Institute website today to get on the waiting list, and I’ll remind you when the launch begins!

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Video: Did St Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception? Plus A Big NSTI Announcement for 2015

Did Saint Thomas Aquinas deny the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

In the theological video below I’ll share how Thomas Aquinas changed his position over time on the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception:

Saint Thomas Immaculate Conception Video

Are you having trouble seeing this video in your browser or email? Please click here to watch it.

Earn an Online Certificate in Catholic Apologetics!

Have you been at a loss over how to defend Catholic teaching when people ask you why you believe and follow certain moral principles? Do you have trouble offering counter-arguments in conversations with non-Catholics?

In 2015, the New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI) will offer the online Certificate in Catholic Apologetics video series to help prepare Catholics to be advanced, knowledgable and charitable apologists. The syllabus for the certificate’s videos and the 7 modules can be download syllabus here.

  1. Spring enrollment for the New Saint Thomas Institute begins next week (Dec. 15th). Space is limited.
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Top 10 Manly Christmas Gifts for Men (2014 Edition)

Are you looking for manly Christmas gifts for your husband, son, or grandfather? For the fifth year in a row, I am featuring the ever popular and politically incorrect Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts for Men – stuff that men want but don’t ask for.

Like last year I have an improved list with more information on knives and how a lady can choose the right knife for the man in their life.

Manly Christmas Gifts

* If you received this post by email, you’ll want to click “Always Display Images” in your email client so that you can see the manly gift images.

When your man gets back to work after Christmas and someone asks, “So what did you get for Christmas?” let him say something more than “Oh you know, a couple of new shirts and a tie.”

Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts for Men (drumroll)

Below is a guide for Manly Christmas Gifts for Men: your husband, brother, or grandpa. Seriously, you can’t wrong with the following ten gifts. They’re all winners. So here we go:

10) Cigarette Case for Business Cards

This is a new one for our 2014 Manly Christmas Gifts for Men. Almost every man carries his business cards in his wallet where they get rounded corners, warped, and stained. Those last 2 or 3 business cards in your wallet have been sat on thousands of times. Nobody wants that. So instead…

Place your business cards nicely in a cigarette case!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.45.17 AM

Nothing says “cool” like a cigarette case – but few men smoke cigarettes…so why not get one anyway and fill it with business cards?

  1. First of all, your cards will remain fresh, crisp and unabused.
  2. Secondly, you’ll look totally legit when you pull out an old school Victorian cigarette case and give someone your business card.

This gift idea is something that men will love and will later reflect, “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?”

Get him the Victorian Etched Cigarette Case by clicking here.

9) Timeless Thermos for the Outdoors

This one was a huge hit in last year’s 2013 Christmas Gifts for Men. I have had several women walk up to me and say, “Thanks for recommending the thermos last year. My husband loved it.”

This “Manly Christmas Gift” also has a backstory:

I was fly-fishing in Montana last year. It was fun, but it was cold. I was catching monster trout, but my body temp was diving.

Our fishing guide pulled out three timeless thermoses from his bag. They could have been 100 years old. They were beautiful. He offered us coffee or, get this, hot chicken broth to drink from these old beautiful thermoses. I don’t drink coffee, so I reached for the chicken broth. Wow. It warmed me from the outside in.

I admired the fly fishing guide’s amazing collection of thermoses. “They just don’t make them like that anymore.”

Stanley Thermos

Well now they do. Check out this beautiful thermos from Stanley for only 24.99.

8) Old School Shaving Razor

This is a big hit every year. If you want your man to feel like a total stud, get him this manly Christmas gift. It’s an old school shaving kit just like your grandfather used to use. Real Badger hair brush. Soap bowl. Cool stainless thing to hang your razor up to dry.

Still not convinced? Check this out. Soon-to-be-Saint John Paul II used a razor just like this:


By the way, the badger hair brush will smell like a wet animal the first several times he uses it. It’s okay, the smell goes away after a few uses. It’s all part of the manly appeal. He feels cool, you get to pet his clean, smooth face. Everybody wins.

Here it is at amazon: old school shaving kit.

7) Money Clip that also holds Credit Cards

I love this money clip. I finally gave up the big fat back-breaking leather wallet and now carry this minimal lightweight money clip. It holds my drivers license, my concealed carry gun license, and my business and personal cards. I don’t know how I lived without this clip before.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.56.23 AM

This money clip is the perfect stocking stuffer for teens and men:

Here it is amazon: Money clip that holds credit cards.

6) Kindle Fire HD from amazon.com

Studies shows that the amount a person reads usually correlates with his income level. When your Kindergarten teacher told you that “readers are leaders,” she wasn’t pulling your leg.

If you want to grow spiritually, practically, or economically, you need to read…often!

Check out the new Kindle Fire HD. It’s $79 right now at amazon. That may sound like a lot, but when you realize that you can get almost all of the great English classics and spiritual classics for either $0.99 or FREE, then you’ll save lots of money in only a matter of months! You can also get the great spiritual classics.

It’s easy to use – even Grandpa can use it since you can make the text bigger and it will robotically read all your books through its built-in speakers.

Explore the Kindle Fire here.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00042]


My new super-manly novel Sword and Serpent is out on Kindle this weekend.

This Kindle version includes a map and other cool stuff. If he likes war, Rome, history, battles, legend, etc. then he’ll love Sword and Serpent

This historical fictional novel is 100% but it does have some blood and death it. Not recommended for audiences under the age of 12.

Read a sample or read over 100 5 star reviews about Sword and Serpent by clicking here.

5) A Nice Leatherbound Pocket Bible

This is another great gift that makes the list year after year. About 30 years ago, people starting making lame paperback Bibles. If it’s the inspired, inerrant Word of God, at least wrap it in real leather and gild the page edges…

Here is the one you need to get him. It’s Douay Rheims (Catholic, yet old school language), but it’s only Psalms and New Testament published by Baronius. It fits perfectly into the side pocket of a suit or blazer. I carry it in my sports coat, and it holds up to use. It’s absolutely beautiful and has a ribbon to mark your place.

Baronius NT

Did I mention that it’s only 12.99?

UPDATE: Either they have sold out already or they have hiked the price for this nifty little Bible. The deal that was there is gone. Instead I recommend this Bible until they can get the New Testament back in stock: Full Douay Rheims Leather Bible.

Oh, and please buy him the black leather version. If you buy him a white Bible, you might as well throw in ballet lessons.

Baronius also makes an impressive real leather Family Bible. I’ve done a lot of research and this is the one that every Catholic home should have. Baronius makes wonderful Bibles.

4) A Hip Flask

Here’s the situation: Life in the American South calls for attending Baptist weddings. Baptist wedding receptions are dry. Yes, I know, if Our Lord Jesus Christ were there, he would turn the water into wine, but that policy is not observed at teatotalling wedding receptions…so…he needs this:

An 8 oz hip flask. It’s stainless and the perfect size.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.53.42 AM

Let’s do the math, a normal serving of scotch is 1.5 oz. So 8 oz / 1.5 oz = 5.33 servings. With this hip flask, you can save the day for your man and four of his friends. How cool is that. Scotch sold separately.

Get this perfectly sized hip flask on amazon.com.

PS: Don’t forget to also get the hip flask funnel or he may get irritated trying to fill the tiny mouth of the flask and spill some! Here’s the funnel – sold separately.

Your Top 3 Manly Christmas Gifts

Like last year, the top 3 Manly Christmas Gifts are Knives. The knife is the most popular manly Christmas gift – year after year. I tried to think of something that would knock it out of first place. I couldn’t do it.

A man without pocket knife…woe is he. You can use a pocket knife to cut string, pull out splinters, slice apples on a picnic, etc. Growing up, my dad always carried a knife in his pocket. And if a thug jumps you, you’ve got something rather than nothing.

You can slip a knife into his Christmas stocking and he’ll be thrilled when he discovers it. It will be the first time in a long time that he had a toy to play with on Christmas morning. If you have a son who’s coming of age, you should slip a Swiss Army knife into his stocking. If you get your husband a knife for Christmas, he can use it all morning to open up Christmas gifts, toys, cards, and packages. He’ll be happy to use his new gift all morning.

I’m recommending three knives this year depending on your need:

1) A Fancy Gentlemen’s Knife for the pocket of his suit or slacks
2) An Every Day Carry Knife for the pocket of his jeans and khakis
3) Swiss Army Knife for your 8-18 year old young man

3) The Fancy Gentleman’s Knife

I call it the “gentleman’s knife.” It’s the very nice wooden or bone handled knife.

This is a knife that he only carries for special occasions. Think of it like this, this isn’t a knife that you wear in your jeans, you wear it in the pocket of your slacks or suit. It’s the kind of knife that is passed from Grandfather to Father to Grandson. An artifact. An heirloom. Usually, a manly-man won’t buy himself this knife (he buys useful knives for himself as tools – see knives below), but he loves to receive a fine knife like this as a gift.

It’s the perfect manly Christmas gift and I  recommend this for your dad or husband. Ladies, think of it as the closest thing to masculine jewelry.

I like this nice Hen and Rooster with Burl wood and Damascus blade. It’s a beautiful tool.

If Hen and Rooster above is out of your budget, go with this nice Case knife with Smoothed Bone Handle 40.26:

case knife bone

Case is the old school man’s knife brand. Your grandpa probably owned one like this at some point in his life. Here it is at amazon.com.

2) The Everyday Carry Knife

This is the knife that a man carries in his pocket every single day. With this knife he opens mail, cuts string, cuts tags off clothing, removes splinters, and all the other odd jobs suited for a knife.

My one criteria for an “every day carry” or “EDC” is that it have a pocket clip that keeps it from falling out of your trousers at the baseball game. The other important thing about an every day carry knife is that it be lightweight. You don’t want to carry a heavy lump in your jeans pocket. The pocket clip also keeps the knife high in your pocket so it’s comfortable whenever you sit down or drive.

This is the one in my pocket! I recommend the Kershaw’s Ken Onion Tactical as your every day carry.

1) Swiss Army for Younger Men and Boys

If your man is a gadget guy then he’s probably a fan of the multi-tool or Swiss Army.


These are the knives that have many, many other tools attached: bottle opener, saw, tweezers, toothpick, pliers, etc. The Swiss Army knife if perfect for a boy’s first knife (age seven). If he’s reached the age of reason, he should have a knife.

PS: If you want your man and/or boy to get out into the outdoors and use their knifes, then check out our new Catholic apostolate for men and young men: The Troops of Saint George! He’ll learn how to use a knife, start a fire without matches, and prayers in Latin. It’s legit and fun.

100 Top Catholic Books You Should Read Before You Die – Lifetime Reading Plan

So…what’s the best book on…say…the Blessed Virgin Mary? or on Scripture? or on philosophy? or the best Catholic literature? Which is the best Bible translation and why?

old books

I’ve put together a new free resource called the “Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan.” Over the years, I have read the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me save you some time and filter it all down to the best of the best. The crème de la crème of theology books. It’s sorted by topic: Scripture, Philosophy, Mariology, etc.

Click here to see it: Top 100 Catholic Books: The Catholic Life Time Reading Plan.

An apology and a little favor to ask…

I always get uncomfortable when it comes to promoting books. There are literally 17,925 of you that get these regular updates from me and I don’t want to crowd your email box with things that sound like commercials. But I am so passionate about this new project and I think it could become important to you.

Speaking of books, please allow me to ask you to help me with something:

1) As you know Young Adult fiction for teens is becoming more sexualized and more morally confusing. The plots in teen books increasingly center on sex and the villains are sometimes the heroes. Young people need better reading options.

sword and serpent box shot cropped2) To answer this need, I have just published a Young Adult Catholic Historical Fiction Novel titled Sword and Serpent: A Retelling of Saint George and the Dragon.  This new book is a fun, wholesome foray into Roman history, martyrdom, and virtue that avoids being preachy or overly pious. It’s an epic that retells the legend of Saint George in a way that might surprise you.

3) This new novel Sword and Serpent has debuted as #1 in its category on amazon – thanks to you to the readers who have supported me in this endeavor. As of today it’s holding at #2. I would REALLY like to see a CLEAN Catholic Young Adult novel win the day, and I’d be grateful for any help you can give me: Please tell friends about the book, read a copy, or tell people on Facebook. My biggest supporters are you – my current readers at this blog. If you could please huddle around me and help me lift up this novel, I’d be really grateful.

4) Okay, end of book promo stuff. You guys are the best supporters and let me send out a special “thank you” to the hundreds of you that have already read Sword and Serpent, and have already written so many amazing views reviews on amazon.

Here’s a link to the book: Sword and Serpent – A Retelling of Saint George and the Dragon.

Saint George pray for us!!!

PS: Please read some of the reviews at amazon.com by clicking here.

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3 Facts About Saint Nicholas to Share This Christmas

Do you know where the Saint Nicholas gift-giving tradition came from, or who he punched at the Council of Nicea?

Please take a moment to watch the video below with 3 facts about Saint Nicholas you’ll want to share with friends and family this Christmas:

NSTI Taylor Marshall St. Nicholas Preview

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