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  • josef rueschli

    re: your new book. we hope that you have a place in your book where Satan continues to war against the church from some newly found/located orbiting planet, that the Pope knows about from one of his brilliant Cardinal scientist, but as of yet (their time, then), Satan does not know that the Pope knows………the Pope continually takes full advantage of his position against Satan until he eventually seeks God’s mercy.

  • CMarks

    Sir, I have a question regarding starting a chapter. The problem is I don’t use “social media”. Is there a contact I can speak with? Thank you.

  • Angelo Musone

    As a subscriber, and one who participated in your poll to determine which e-book for you to write, and one who was on your list to obtain “Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages”. I have unwittingly lost the link and can not download it.
    Can that link be re-sent? Or possibly the soft cover version?
    Angelo Musone

    • It was just resent to all 8,000+ subscribers. Please let me know if you got it.


  • Alex

    Hello Sir, I do not have Facebook so unfortunately I cannot ask you my question the usual way however, I was wondering if you could do a post on tattoos? It seems to be a growing trend in our modern society and I have never really heard much about the subject from the Church’s point of view. I would truly be interested in knowing your opinion and how to approach the idea as a roman catholic.
    Thank you!

  • Christina

    can you give me the contact information for the Scouts of St. George in Downingtown PA?

  • Linda

    Dr. Marshall, I will be visiting my sister in Saginaw, TX soon. Where might I find a Saturday morning Mass on the north side of Fort Worth? And where is the TLM offered? Would it be difficult to come to Fisher More college for that?
    I will be looking for a Mass next Saturday morning and then for a couple of mornings the next week.
    By the way, I am a member of the Third Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.
    Ave Maria!

  • PapalSoldier

    Taylor approve my comment to Dan!

    And read Pascendi Dominici Gregis by Pope St.Pius X

  • Al Barcas

    Dr. Taylor,
    I am not on Facebook, but have a question for you. Is there some other way for me to contact you? You can reach me at to let me know if this is possible.
    Al Barcas


    Hi Taylor, I just heard you on Relevant Radio with Drew Mariani. Good stuff! I was especially excited to hear about your podcast but for whatever reason can’t locate it anywhere on iTunes. Can you please include a link to your iTunes page so that your visitors can find it easily? Or tell us what specifically to search for in iTunes in order to find your podcast? (example: Taylor Marshall Show)

    (Sorry, I don’t have Facebook, which is why I posted the question here.)


  • James Gnotta

    MIR Conference, Phoenix

  • Patrick of Tucson

    Good Stuff in Phoenix! I hope to receive the Mediatrix of all Grace book for Kindle. One comment: I remember when Catherine Labore asked OL about the blank spaces in the vision she said they were the graces that were not asked for and evidently went to naught. Thanks Pat

  • Bill Polakiewicz

    Could you write a book on the sanctity of traditional Catholic Churches? The very fact that the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior takes place on the altars in all Catholic Chruches everyday of the year needs to be thoughtfully researched and allowed to be taught to all Catholics who enter the doors to these chruches. Moses was told by God to remove his sandels near the burning bush. How must we act the second we enter the Holy Grounds around the altars where Jesus is present. Just because the tabernacle isn’t burning, is no reason to think any less of the holiness of where we are. If we start acting like we should, everything about our faith will increase and the churches will overflow. There is so much you could do by writing you next book about Catholic Churches, how they should be constructed, where the tabernacle needs to be located, why altar rails should be brought back, why we should be on our knees and reaceiving communion on our tongues.

  • Jim Wustrack

    Dear Doctor, I got something heavy on my mind. Could you please give our Mother some respect and tell the world of the Graces that are theirs for the asking from Our Lady of America. I don’t have time to go into the legal battles of the .com & .org websites, among other issues. But I desire to see Mary Most Pure’s request for the procession into our countries shrine, a.s.a.p..After all, it’s been ~55 years since Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Angels apparitions to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil. You are the man! Please do this for our Mother! Thanks & bless your apostolate +

  • Clementius

    I signed up for email updates, etc., and was supposed to receive the free Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages. I haven’t received it. Where do I go to download or was it sent top my email address? Thanks!

    • It is will be sent to your email address within an hour of you confirming your email subscription. Look in your email box.

      Thank you!

      • STE******

        Dr. Marshall, I signed up for your email updates a few days ago (and they’re great!), but I have yet to receive an email with a link to the e-book. Can it be re-sent? I’m not on Facebook so I can’t contact you there, etc., but am receiving the emails at ste——_AT_ymail_DOT_com. Thanks!

  • Mick

    So, Mr. Marshall, you may want to reconsider the following statement in the light of current Catholic Teaching:

    “Death is the separation of the body from the soul. When the soul leaves
    the body, you are dead. Traditional iconography shows the soul of Mary
    separate from her body.”

    Actually, at some point in human creation, God breathed into the nostrils of humans and they became”living souls.” That would be the whole package: Body and Spirit or “Rue Yaweh.” One soul describes that unit. Is it not more accurate to indicate that the “spirit” is separated from the physical body at death, rather than the “soul?” Absent that approach, we might be suggesting a sort of Greek Dualism (something Paul has been accused of by those who don’t really understand him in context). Greek dualism, in fact dualism of any sort in the spiritual realm, is rejected by the Church I believe.

    Note: This comment is not meant to be contentious and I expect it to be deleted in accordance with your reserved rights as stated to censor postings. The only reason it is posted here is you offer no other means of communication that I have regular access to, e.g., facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. If there had been an e-mail address, I would have utilized that. I assumed you have an iinterest in being doctrinely in synch with the Church.

    Have a nice day. It’s a nice site; we signed up for the NewsLetter, etc.


    • Yvette M Palladino

      Mick, I doubt he cares.

  • Brenda

    Is it possible to download your podcasts to an MP3? If so, how is that accomplished? I don’t get I Tunes on it. Thanks for your ministry. I’m a new subscriber thanks to your interview with Drew Mariani!

    • If you right click on the player in the podcast posts, you can download the mp3 version to your device.

  • Brenda

    Is it possible to download your podcasts on to a MP3? If so, how do I do that?

  • Rob

    I had received your email re a new e-book on the Virgin Mary, but seem to have misplaced it.
    Can you resend?

  • Brenda

    Will your new institute be something that I can download on an MP3?

  • Terry Fenwick

    am I enrolled in the class?

  • Kristi

    Email me I want to talk to you regarding one of your posts I think you might be able to help me with something that I do not understand.

  • Frank

    Hello Dr. Marshall, thank you for all you do for the Church. I was looking forward to attending your talks in Carrollton this past weekend on being a man of God but was unable due to sickness. Do you sell recordings or transcripts of your talks? I look forward to hearing from you.

    God bless,


  • Gary Meunier

    I have reconsidered my desire to belong to the new Institute but can’t figure out how to resign. Please advise. Thank you. Gary Meunier,

  • Maria

    I was one of the many who enrolled in your Thomas studies but have not heard one lecture yet due to time constraints. I hope to catch up on some today. Please direct me to the lectures. Thank you.

  • Lorraine

    In an attempt to make a point on this post, I have inadvertently offended some. Growing up in the 60/70’s has left me with a much different cultural experience than some of you, I would guess. Please forgive me.+

  • Linda

    I am trying to find a way to reach you about a duplicate charge when I joined your Institute. How can I do this?

  • Boyd

    How do we know Mary was at the Resurrection, Ascension and Descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles?

  • Kathy b

    Dr, Marshall,
    I wanted to make sure that I did things correctly. I am signed up to receive your blog, at least I think I am. Can you tell me whe I might receive your book, Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages? If I am in error here, please let me know.
    Thank you,

  • Fr. Joel

    Hi Dr. Marshall! First of all, I commend you for the excellent videos and other materials you put up. I enrolled in the course last November and I thoroughly enjoyed so far. Now to my point. I noticed that I was automatically enrolled for December when I checked my account. It’s not that I don’t intend to but I was hoping that re enrolling for another month would be my option. Can I be prompted the next time and asked whether I want to enroll for another month? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! God bless! Fr. Joel

  • Denise Beaudoin

    I just became a member of New Saint Thomas Institute and paid. But now I need support and cannot create a ticket, cannot access the bonuses, cannot do nothing. I’m stuck. What can I do?

  • Marie Dean

    Hi, Dr. Marshall, I have a question for you but I am not on facebook. Is there another way of contacting you?

  • Jim

    Dr. Marshall,

    I received your e-mail notice of the “Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts for 2013”.
    Item #5 is “A Nice Leatherbound Pocket Bible”. In this brief, you note, with a link, that the NT is “…only 12.99.”. The link to Amazon, has as a low price of $19.95. Might you provide the link to the edition selling for $12.99?
    Thank you!

  • Iwona

    Thank you Dr. Marshall for the book. Very nice Christmas gift. I just downloaded it. I have question/remark that is not exactly related to the book. During one of my prayers it hit me that we do pray so much to Jesus, St. Mary and other Saints, even during our lutirgical year we remember Jesus and Mary but somehow I seem to miss devotion to our Creator – God the Father. I am not saying is non-existent because we do pray Our Father and mention God presence in Trinity, but somehow I wish we hear, praise and pay more attention to the Father who loves us, gives us protection and who is the reason we are here. I may be missing something or I may not have as much knowledge but I wish average Catholic everyday life would remember Our Father more. Is it just me or did you notice this too?

  • Ken

    How does one get a copy of Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages?

  • Fr Joseph

    I am looking for scholarly works on the use of “Pharmakia” to mean “contraception” in Galatians. I am not a Greek scholar, but looked up ever reference on “Pharmakia” in ancient texts in their context. It seems to me John T. Noonan properly interprets it in his book on contraception as meaning something like “potions” such a witchdoctor does. My reading is that Paul was condemning all such “potions” that may or may not have included contraception, but in the wider context the early Church clearly condemned “pharmakia” used as contraceptives and abortifacients, which they did not always distinguish. Can you recommend scholarly works on this issue? I am working on a doctorate that touches on this in one point.


    Sorry don’t use facebook, twitter etc.
    Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE
    Our Lady of Peace
    Santa Clara, California

  • mary

    Can I have Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages if still available.
    Maria Dalgarno
    freelance writer, Toronto

  • Jacob Wall

    Dr. Marshall, I have a question that hopefully you can answer: what did Blessed Pope John Paul II’s scapular look like? I saw your older post (from a few years ago, I think) on his scapular and assassination attempt, so I thought you might know.

    I am painting an image of him for his upcoming canonization. While I know he wore the scapular under his clothes, that wouldn’t do much good in the painting! Although slightly “out of place” I am putting it hanging beside his cross. I have seen a picture of him as a very old man with a scapular that includes Our Lady of Mount Carmel, but I don’t know if this is the scapular he wore all the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • jeffrey erwin

    112. In psecutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit. Francis I

  • Mikey Torres

    Dr. Marshall. Blessings. I am listening to your interview on Catholic Answers (podcast) with regards to “Why is the Catholic Church Roman?” I know that St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote the phrase “Catholic Church” in his letter but, correct me if I am wrong, in the Book of Acts 9:31, the phrase is also being used. We lose it in our English translation, but in the Greek Bible (KOINE) it is stated there. Here is the example:

  • Mikey Torres

    Ἡ μὲν οὖν ἐκκλησία καθ’ ὅλης τῆς Ἰουδαίας καὶ Γαλιλαίας καὶ Σαμαρείας εἶχενεἰρήνην, οἰκοδομουμένη καὶ πορευομένη τῷ φόβῳ τοῦ κυρίου, καὶ τῇ παρακλήσειτοῦ ἁγίου πνεύματος ἐπληθύνετο.

    ἐκκλησία καθ’ ὅλης=ecclesia kata holos

    Please let me know what you think. Thank you and God bless+

  • A. Schlager

    Hi Dr. Marshall, I I’ve signed up but haven’t recieved anything at all. Really looking forward to reading this book.

  • Sharon

    I lost the link to Thomas Aquinas in 59 Pages. Could you send me the link again please? Will it appear on my Kindle?

  • Germain

    Trying to ask you about a comprehensive oath of fidelity for teachers in Catholic schools. Our Catholic highschool has been having trouble with an Anti-Vatican II, anti-semetic geocentrist. (We were naive in hiring him, I know) To prevent this from recurring, do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much, Dr. Marshall!

  • Rob

    I have not heard from you ..I have signed up for the online courses. I used to get regular emails I have not gotten any messages since January.

  • Andy Maul

    Excuse me Dr. Marshall, but there is no way to leave you a private
    message or voice mail on Facebook (there’s no Message Me button). I
    have something important to tell you. Please go to my Facebook page
    & message me so that I can respond with the private message.
    “If you have a question for me, know that I do answer all reader questions only through Facebook. This protects me from internet trolls and email spam. Go to my Facebook Author Page (Dr. Taylor Marshall) and “Like” it. After “Liking” my author page, you can leave me a written message or a voice mail.”

  • Bruce Bedford

    Dr. Marshall, I just wanted to share with you that last Friday marked my 20th year as a Catholic! I converted when my wife and I were married. Your efforts are some of the best I have seen for reaching people who are at so many different points along the journey of faith. Some people say PhD means “piled higher and deeper.” If that is the case….please keep piling…and may my head go ever deeper.

  • William Jerome

    I’ve tried many times to give you a 5-star rating at i tunes but have not succeeded. You say go to i tunes and “subscribe.” I see no way to subscribe. I see a download and I have several times downloaded i tunes. I have gone to taylormarshallshow but have not seen any “subscribe” button. Can you give me clear, step by step directions on what to do. I hate to bother you but the only way you’ll get your deserved rating from me is by showing me how. Thanks and God bless
    Bill Jerome