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“Dr. Marshall was a home run with our college students. He was engaging, informative, and challenged them. I couldn’t ask for more from a Catholic speaker.”

Assistant Director of St. Mary’s Catholic Center
Texas A&M University

Dr. Taylor Marshall is a wonderful convert to Catholicism.  His personal testimony and knowledge of the faith is a blessing to our Church.”

Founder and President, Catholics Come Home

“Dr Taylor Marshall’s presentations reveal his love for the truth, both in the order of nature and in the order of grace; his diligence in researching his material and in preparation for a given audience; and that his heart and mind are those of a loyal and humble son of the Church.”

Executive Director
Courage International

“Taylor Marshall is one of the best and brightest of the new generation of Catholic speakers. There are only a few people who know the faith and can articulate it in way that inspires you to live it. Taylor Marshall is one of those few.”

Executive Director
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

“Taylor comes at things from a different perspective. He always answers questions. You don’t have to have a background in theology to appreciate it.”

Pastor, Saint Francis of Assisi Church
Townsend, Tennessee

“Dr. Taylor Marshall is an engaging speaker who was one of our featured guest speakers at our 2013 Arizona Marian Conference. I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor Marshall as a talented speaker for large Catholic conference venues such as ours. Dr. Marshall has the outstanding ability to highlight the history, depth and richness of our faith through the obvious passion, conviction and dedication he has for the Church. He is an educator and storyteller who can handle lofty topics in an understandable way that captures his audiences attention through real-life illustrations and interesting biblical example. We need such Catholic speakers for these times of the New Evangelization.”


Master of Ceremonies & Board Member – Arizona Marian Conference
Regular contributing writer –

“God has put us here to serve His purpose in these exciting times! And Dr. Taylor Marshall has been “retrofitted”, by the grace of God, for a new and vibrant evangelization that has befallen the Catholic Church. His conversion story; mesmerizing. His apostolate; inspiring. His means of spreading the Gospel; infectious. Welcome to the fresh and new faces, bringing beauty to the reverent and ancient! Welcome Dr. Taylor Marshall.”

TV/Radio/Internet broadcaster
Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance spokesman