Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Infiltration Launch Team

Thank you for wanting to join our Launch Team for Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church from Within. We are looking for 200 “Launch Team” advanced readers who are:

  1. willing to read a private (do not share) advanced copy of the book in pdf format,
  2. give us feedback,
  3. write a review of Infiltration on Amazon.com
  4. and help promote it when it debuts on May 20 2019 (tentative publish date).

If we select you, then your name will be printed on the last page of the book with a “Thank you” from me.

If you are willing to help me promote the book, please fill in the forms below and we will notify you within the week if you have been selected.

Taylor Marshall

Dr. Taylor Marshall's Infiltration Launch Team

Please apply to be one of the 200 members for Taylor Marshall's new book: "Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church From Within." This book traces the infiltration of the Catholic priesthood going back to the 1800s and up through the 1960s and Sankt Gallen election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis.
    Dr. Marshall has 8 books? Have you already read one? You won't be disqualified for not having read one of his books, but we'd like to know.
    Being part of the original Launch Team increases your chances for being chosen for this Launch Team.
    You will be thank by name on the last page of the book Infiltration.
  • City, State, Nation (eg, Dallas, Texas, United States)Thank you for submitting. If we choose you for a free book and your name in the book, we will be in touch soon. Please submit below:

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