Video Sampler: New Saint Thomas Institute Sneak Peek

In 2 days and 14 hours we’ll have our first class of the New Saint Thomas Institute!

We will welcome the initial 500 “Charter Members” of the Mighty Mighty Muskoxen!

Here are sneak previews at our HD video courses.

Sampler New Saint Thomas Institute Videos

When I go to a new brewpub, I like to get their sampler to a get a feel for the place. Here’s a little sampler of the Institute.

Orientation video: You’ll see this welcome/orientation video after you enroll.

If you can’t see the video in your email, click here.

Sneak Peek of Our Expert Interview with Dr. Mary Moorman: How Do You get into the Vatican Secret Archives?

Can’t see the video in your email, click here.

I’m saving the other instructional course videos for our new Charter Members. For October, we have video courses of:

  • 7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • How to Read the Summa theologiae – An Easy Guide
  • Thomas Aquinas on the Structure of Your Soul
  • Interview: How to Explain Indulgences with Dr. Mary Moorman
  • and some other special bonuses
  • Notes and Printouts on Thomas Aquinas

Why Should I Join the New Saint Thomas Institute?

There are 7 Reasons why you should join the New Saint Thomas Institute. Please read these 7 Reasons to Join.

How Do I Join the New Saint Thomas Institute?

If you updated your email subscription to “I am interested videos and online courses” OR you went to and entered your email there for notification you will receive a reminder email from me right at 9am on Monday October 7.

Other details:

  • There are 2,680 subscribers who have asked to be notified for enrollment. Space is limited.
  • Tuition is $25.00 per month. The initial 500 “Charter Members” will get an additional $5.00 knocked off their first month’s tuition: $20.00.
  • There is a full refund guarantee for the first 21 days. If it’s not for you, we will give you a full refund and give your spot to another. No questions asked. No hard feelings.
  • Enrollment will be easy. It’ll only take about 1 minute.

New Saint Thomas Institute is Global

The interest in the New Saint Thomas Institute is global. We’ll have Members from all over the world. It’s pretty exciting. I’m looking into having the videos subtitled with Spanish, as well.*

If you haven’t already, sign up to get notified Monday morning by clicking here.


Taylor Marshall

*What about Enrollment for Non-American, Eastern Hemisphere readers?

Our friends in the Eastern hemisphere have written me and are worried that 9am enrollment on October 7 doesn’t work in their time zones. For example, for our friends in Sydney Australia, that would mean signing up at 1am on October 8! I have a plan for the Eastern Hemisphere friends. If you live in an Eastern Hemisphere time zone: look for an email from me over the weekend with special instructions.

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