3 Free Videos from New Saint Thomas

I. am. so. excited.

We’re getting tons of great feedback on the leaked video courses of the New Saint Thomas Institute.

If you missed the three leaked videos, here they are until tomorrow:

(If you cannot see videos in your email, click the link at the top that says “always display images below” from taylor.marshall)

First Leaked Video: 7 Reasons to Love Saint Thomas Aquinas:

Watch “7 Reasons to Love Saint Thomas Aquinas” video by clicking here.


Second Leaked Video: Personal tour of our the private member website:

 Watch Personal tour of our the private member website by clicking here.


Third Leaked Video: Interview Excerpt with Dr. Mary Moorman on “How to Get into Vatican Secret Archives”:

Watch “Interview: How to Get into Vatican Secret Archives” by clicking here.

6 things to know before the Launch:

  1. Our three videos received a tremendous amount of views over the weekend. In fact, we were notified this morning by our video host that we’ve already gone 4x over our limit on downloading/streaming.
  2. We limited our initial offer to 500 Charter Members because of this gigantic amount of video streaming stress. Don’t worry, everything will be fine for tomorrow’s launch at 9am CST October 7.
  3. If you want to secure one of our 500 Charter Memberships before they run out, visit our website right at 9am USA Central time. Our website will go live at 9am CST.
  4. Tuition is ridiculously low at $25 per month for our initial 500 Members. For future Members after this launch, we will be offering tuition at around $40 in the months to come. So this is your time to get in while the tuition is still ridiculously low. If you sign up tomorrow (Oct 7), you’re tuition won’t go up. You’ll be at $25 forever.
  5. If you don’t like it in your first 21 days, you’ll get a full refund. I’m that convinced that you’ll love it! So you have nothing to lose. Plus, you can withdraw anytime. Unlike most schools, we don’t hold you to deadlines, contracts or commitments.)
  6. When you visit the NSTI website at 9am, click the green button “Sign up and Join” and you’ll be a Charter Member in about one minute or less: www.newsaintthomas.com.



PS: At 9am tomorrow October 7, I and others will be inside the Member site to say “howdy” and give virtual “high fives” to everyone joining the party. After you watch the welcome video, come over and say hello. I’ll be in the Members Forum drinking some hot green tea and hanging out.

PPS: Happy feast day of the Holy Rosary!

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