Catholic Apocalypse: Book of Revelation Audio Commentary by Taylor Marshall PhD

Here is a free audio commentary by Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Book of Revelation, line by line. The episodes are arranged by chapter:

Book Of Revelation

  1. Revelation Ch. 1 Apparition of Fiery Christ (Catholic Apocalypse Part 1 – TM076) 
  2. Revelation Chs. 2-3 Seven Churches and Seven Ages of Salvation (Catholic Apocalypse Part 2 – TM077) 
  3. Revelation Chs. 4-5 The Lamb and Liturgy of God (Catholic Apocalypse Part 3 – TM079) 
  4. Revelation Chs. 6-7 Four Horseman and Seven Seals (Catholic Apocalypse Part 4 – TM081) 
  5. Revelation Chs. 8-9 Seven Trumpets against Jerusalem (Catholic Apocalypse Part 5 – TM082)
  6. Revelation Chs. 10-11 The Giant Angel and Two Witnesses (Catholic Apocalypse Part 6 – TM083) 
  7. Revelation Ch. 12 Our Lady of the Apocalypse (Catholic Apocalypse Part 7 – TM084)
  8. Revelation Ch. 13 The Sea Beast and the Land Beast and the Mark of the Beast (Catholic Apocalypse Part 8 – TM085)


The Covenant Theology of the Rainbow and Why the Homosexual Community Uses It

In a recent New Saint Thomas Institute video lesson the 7 Covenants, a religious sister who is one of our new Student Members in NSTI asked about the rainbow.

In the video lesson I explained how the “rainbow” was the covenantal marker or seal of the Noahic Covenant or Covenant with Noah. In the Hebrew, it’s not “rainbow” but simply “bow” as in “bow and arrow.”

For my review and theological reflections on the Noah movie, click here.

This covenantal sign is a seal of peace between God and humanity, but oddly enough it is a weapon designed for death. It’s really a strange sign when you consider it.

It makes sense when you realize that this “bow” is pointed not at man but toward God. God has established a symbolic weapon in the sky prophesying that He will be killed for the sake of humanity’s sinfulness.

Which way is the bow pointing:


The bow and arrow point to God, not humanity.

The weapon is pointing to God. The human generation of Noah sinned and rebelled against God. God in turn made a covenant never to destroy mankind again. He saved a remnant with Noah and then established a sign that God Himself would take the arrow – not man. God would die. Man would be saved. This is the Covenant of Noah.

Militant Homosexuality and the Rainbow Logo

You can probably now guess why militant homosexual groups (and now everyone on Facebook!) uses the rainbow as their logo.

The rainbow denotes God’s promise to not drown again the earth’s inhabitants on account of their sexual perversions (as in the days before the flood). The rainbow is God’s promise of protection and God’s humble willingness to take on death for humanity’s sin.

The homosexual community’s “rainbow” logo is merely flaunting the benevolence, mercy, and sacrifice of God. The rainbow, Satan knows, is there armor against the wrath of God.

It’s worth noting that the rainbow is an important feature in God’s appearance in the Book of Revelation (I explain the rainbow in Revelation ch. 4 here and the rainbow in Revelation ch. 10 here) and the rainbow also appeared at the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.


Teach people about the Covenants of God. Teach them about the meaning of the rain-bow. Thank God that He took our penalty so that we might know Him and enjoy Him forever!

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