Become a Part of the Launch Team for Sword and Serpent 2 [Application]

Thank you for wanting to be part of my Sword and Serpent 2 Launch Team. All members of the Launch Team will receive a free digital copy of the novel before it’s published to the public and have their named printed in the back of the novel with a thank you message from me.

For Book 1, we had 498 applicants. We will choose 200 applicants for Book 2. Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Sword and Serpent 2: The Tenth Region of the Night Launch Team

Please apply to be one of the 200 members of our Saint George Launch team for Book 2: The Tenth Region of the Night.
    Being part of the original Launch Team increases your chances for being chosen for this Sequel Launch Team.
  • City, State, Nation (eg, Dallas, Texas, United States) Thank you for submitting. If we choose you for a free book and your name in the book, we will be in touch soon. Please submit below: Godspeed,