Who was the Second Pope: Intro to Saint Linus

And his thoughts on chapel veils...

We all know that Saint Peter was the first Pope, but who took up the reins after the Emperor Nero crucified Peter upside down below the Vatican Hill?

Tradition identifies Saint Linus as Pope #2. In today’s video, I give you a short intro into this sainted pope and martyr – who shares a feast day with Padre Pio:

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  • Traddie

    Doesn’t the Roman Canon list the names of the popes as Linus Cletus Clement, and Sixtus? Would Linus be pronounced Lee-nuss? I once heard a priest use that pronunciation.

  • Rachel de Ocampo

    Your video says September 28, same Feast as Padre Pio, but Padre Pio’s memorial is September 23rd.

  • Mamasita Nini

    Dr. T……I was under the impression that head veiling under Canon law was deleted by the US bishops back in the late sixties because it was not a necessary statement but understood, if I make any sense. It was due to all this “women’s” liberation that was going on and Second Vatican made it an option for nuns too, sadly. I still veil and have always. I’m in my young 50s and try to lead by example. Back in the 80s, I wore nice hats to match my outfits, but somehow never felt right. Here lately, a resurgence of veiling has emerged in the states, while a greater number of women elsewhere in the world still veil. Especially in Latin America. By the way……I’m Hispanic myself.