Vote: Choose the Title of Taylor’s Novel about Saint George (Plus 200 Free Copies!)

My new fictional novel is aimed at Young Adults and it’s basically Princess Bride meets Lord of the Rings meets Evelyn Waugh’s Helena.


Plot Synopsis

It’s a fantastical historical fiction novel about Saint George. His father, a Roman legionary and friend of Diocletian, died mysteriously. As persecution begins to rise, George and his sister are forced to flee their town in the East of the empire. They head toward Rome to find relatives among the Legion. They meet a Philistine giant along the way (St Christopher) and a young priest (St Nicholas) who help them along. 

Meanwhile, in Cyrene (North Africa) the governor’s daughter Sabra has become a priestess for a death cult feeding children to some dark apparition in the cave outside the city. In order to keep her from being sacrificed to the evil presence (a death that the tormented girl desires), he has her smuggled out of the city and taken to live with relatives in Rome.

I won’t give away the end, but there’s a big Satanic showdown…and George does end up slaying something like a dragon in the caves of Cyrene…

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  • jag

    I would like to have a copy of your book in titled ‘Augustine in 50 pages’ if it is free in e-book . Thank you so much and God bless you.

  • Christie Rushenberg

    I have a huge devotion to St. George, so I’m thrilled to help you with this. Pax Christi.

  • Douglas

    I propose for the title of your new book, “Slaying the Dragon”.

  • Froilan

    Hi Taylor- if we sign up will it take awhile before receiving an email confirmation?