Msgr Michael Olson is the next bishop of Fort Worth!

Deo gratias! A month ago I was having a bagel with him at Corner Bakery. Little did I know that he would soon be the next bishop of my hometown Fort Worth!

Today His Holiness Pope Francis announced that Monsignor Michael Olson will be the the fourth bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas.

Msgr Olson is the Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving where I have had the honor of teaching some of the seminarians in Metaphysics (Philosophy of Being).

He’ll be a perfect bishop for Fort Worth. I couldn’t be happier. I gave him a call this morning and to my surprised he answered. He was very quiet and humble about the new announcement. I love waking up to great news like this!

“I am very humbled and deeply moved by Pope Francis’ appointment of me to serve as the Bishop of Fort Worth,” Bishop-elect Olson said. “In a very special way, I am delighted to return home to the Diocese of Fort Worth to serve the priests, deacons, religious, and all of the faithful as their bishop.”

And Msgr Olson is young at 47 years old. He will become the second youngest bishop to lead a diocese in the United States.

Please offer your Rosary and today’s Mass intention for His Excellency-to-be.

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  • NtxCath

    Howdy Taylor! As someone from the Ft. Worth diocese, I have a sort of trivial question about Msgr. Olson so please forgive me. Is he pretty traditional and conservative? So glad we have a new bishop! Will be praying for him.

  • Ron Pereira

    So excited!

  • walkingaway

    So do you think he will be opened to more TLM within the diocese?

    • Young Catholic

      Of course, new TLM’s being established in the Diocese of Ft. Worth is not up to the Bishop. New TLM’s are dependent upon the priests learning and offering the Roman Rite of their forefathers.

      The Bishop’s role in this regards is to be a moderator of the liturgy, meaning that he must ensure that the TLM is offered worthily and according to the rubrics. Thank goodness that Summorum Pontificum has liberated the TLM from the clutches of so many Bishops around the world.

      I do hope that Msgr. Olson actually encourages the TLM and provides assistance for training of his priests and seminarians. Based on prior experience with Bishops around the country, this would seem to be a long shot, though.

      • Guest

        Except Pope Francis interfered with the Summorum Pontificum and suppressed TLM.

      • Andrew


        How about him shutting down (illegally) the TLM at Fisher-More?

  • Craig Martin

    Incredible reading these posts today after the Bishop’s “banning” of TLM at Fisher-More today. I guess the commenters have their answer.