Photo: Who Knew that the Bad Thief was Fat?

While at the Art Institute in Chicago, I saw this depiction of the crucifixion in which the bad thief was depicted as rather hefty. Perhaps he was a thief and a glutton. The painting is by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Apparently, he was acquainted with Martin Luther – come to think of it – maybe the plump man is Luther!
From an artistic point of view, the bad thief sinks to the earth, whereas Our Lord is almost in flight toward Heaven.

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  • Philip Francis

    Taylor, I played the Bad Thief at Wintershall for five years. I do not know if he was fat, but it was a night mare if was tied on wrong. I was very relieved to be given the part of St Jude and then St Philip. This year we are in Glastonbury. the Play is a must see