Saint George: Sample Chapters from My New Novel

Writing non-fiction is not nearly as humiliating as writing fiction. When one writes fiction, he puts his soul on paper and makes himself more vulnerable. So here goes. I’m a bit uneasy about it…
On this feast day of Saint George I’d like to share a few sample chapters of my new novel about Saint George titled: Kill This Dragon. The title of the novel comes from Daniel 14:25:
“But give me leave, O king, and I will kill this dragon without sword or club. And the king said: I give thee leave.” 
It’s a story about Saint George, Saint Christopher, and Saint Nicholas (and many other saints of that time), but it is primarily a story of manhood, virtue, virginity, and humility.
The final chapters depict the killing of the infamous dragon whom I have named “Molech” – the Phoenician god of child sacrifice. The book also contains a subtle polemic against our society that murders its own children.
If you follow the following link, you’ll get a pdf of the first five chapters of the novel for free:
PS: I’m looking for an agent or publisher if you are one or know one.

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