Give your watch and glasses to the Immaculate Mary…

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe provides us with a beautiful little custom that you can do to show your complete devotion to Jesus through Mary.

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe used to place his watch and eye-glasses at the foot of a statue of the Immaculate each evening. By this gesture he meant to entrust to her all the time and space at his disposal” (Fr. Stefano Manelli’s Devotion to Our Lady, p. 91).

How beautiful! As a married man and father, I have come to learn that it is the little gestures (little notes, pats on the heads, kisses, reminders) that are the important acts of love. They are the acts of love that cannot be faked. So then, let us try to work in little acts of love throughout the day in order to show God our love for Him, for Mary, and for all the saints and angels.

St Maximilian Maria Kolbe, pray for us.
Immaculate Conception, pray for us and pity us.

ad Jesum per Mariam,

PS: If you want a great little book to read during Lent, please get Father Manelli’s book Devotion to Our Lady. It’s short and easy to read. Best of all it’s only $5. You won’t be disappointed. You can order it here for $5.00. If you’re wealthy or you’re a priest with the means, please consider buying many copies for your friends, family, and parish. Consider it as Lenten alms.

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