How are Canterbury Tales Comments Working for You?

How is the “Echo” comment system working for everyone?

I don’t like it, but they don’t offer a way to import them into blogger, so I’m stuck.

Are any of yall have problems with commenting?

Taylor Marshall

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  • Andrew Preslar


    I don’t like this little box. Too small, feels too isolated from rest of the page. But for some reason, it remembers my name and lets me post real easy, just by clicking post. So there’s the good and the bad, as I see it.

  • iwka

    Visually – to busy. 🙂  But it is a good tool – I like the options here for sharing, images ect.  

  • Kjetil Kringlebotten

    I have noticed that in old posts the order of the comments is (often) inverted, placing the newest comments on top.