Rome’s New Procedure for Attempted Ordination of Women

Vatican to clarify canonical procedure for attempted ordination of women. Catholic News Agency reports:

“Sins such as the attempted ordination of women to the priesthood and the “crimes against the faith” of heresy, schism and apostasy, that have until now been investigated by the CDF {Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith} only on an extraordinary basis will fall under their official jurisdiction, thus clearing up any confusion as to where cases must be reported. In other words, it formalizes procedures that may have been followed in practice, but were never made official.”

Basically this means that the CDF has great jurisdiction over these matters. Perhaps the CDF foresees a growing problem and wishes to take precautionary measures – a good idea.

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    What’s the origin of that creepy photo? I won’t jump to conclusions since there is the tradition in the West of the mitred abbess.

  • Taylor Marshall

    No, it’s a creepy photo and not an photo of an abbess…

  • Taylor Marshall

    If I remember correctly, there was a group that broke off from the Old Catholics and then sought to create genetic “super-priest” babies by having male bishops marry female bishops and produce offspring. Pretty weird. This picture may come from that era.

  • William Tighe

    I think that this is a photograph of Isabel Wilucka, one of the Polish Mariavite bishopesses (or “flaminicae,” as I call all such).  For more about this strange group, see *The Third Adam* by Jerzy Peterkiewicz (1975).  Ten years ago I visited a church in the hills above Woodstock, NY (right nextdoor to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery) that had been the last refuge of episcopus vagans William Francis Brothers, variously an Episcopalian monk, “Old Catholic” episcopus vagans, and for a time “exarch” in America of the Mariavites (Flaminica Wilucka’s “episcopal arms” are painted upon the wall of the church), Russian Orthodox priest and finally (again) episcopus vagans.