The Crucified Rabbi is Now Being Sold Worldwide

I have some great news! The Crucified Rabbi is fully available worldwide!

My book The Crucified Rabbi was being sold in France (here’s the French page for it) for some time now, but there were difficulties buying it in other European countries – especially in the UK.

All that is fixed now. You can buy it everywhere in American, Canada, and Europe (even in the United Kingdom).

Lot’s of people have been buying it online and through book stores. Even Barnes and Noble has picked it up. (If you’re at a Catholic book store, and you’d like to carry The Crucified Rabbi at a 40% wholesale discount, please send an email: bookorders “at” saintjohnpress “dot” com.)

I really appreciate all the support and I thank everyone who has bought the book so far and especially those who have written reviews at Thank you so much.

Also, The Crucified Rabbi’s “sequel” entitled The Catholic Perspective on Paul is in the final stages and should be wrapped up in the next several months. It will definitely be on the shelves by Christmas, if not sooner. I’m praying for an October release date.

Please visit for more details.

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