Which is more gruesome? Halloween or Reformation Day?

I wish I could take credit for this, but I can’t. Al Scharbach, the friend mentioned in the previous post regarding the New York Times, just made an observation in an email. I just had to share it before All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) is over:

Which is more gruesome:

A) celebrating “Halloween” with children wearing costumes that depict bloody bodies, skeletons, etc?

B) celebrating “Reformation Day” with children rejoicing over the division and butchery of the Body of Christ (the Church) in the wake of Luther’s protest and burning of a papal bull?

Wow. That’s really something to think about, now, isn’t it?

Albert Scharbach comments:

Ironically, celebrating the Reformation is more gruesome than a bloody costume. The latter is pretend, while the former violence to the body of Christ is real — and made all the worse by the way that tragedy is perpetuated with joy.

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