Today’s Papal Mass (and the Music)

I watched the Papal Mass with my Moral Theology class. I was moved by the Holy Father’s presence in America. I was also impressed with the Holy Father’s English and he gave an excellent Christ-centered homily. He even touched upon the sexual abuse of certain clergy in America, which surprised me.

However, I was embarrassed by the liturgy and embarrassed especially by the music. Who planned the liturgy and who chose the music? Did someone not receive a memo that the Pope is trying to return to a more traditional and somber celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. should have received complimentary copies of the his Spirit of the Liturgy. One girl in my class suggested that we right an apology letter to the Holy Father not planning a more reverent Mass.

Did anyone else notice the strange music?

Image and commentary from Fr. Z at What does the prayer really say.

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