The Seven Trappist Beers Revisited (the Achel)

Awhile back I did a review of “Six of the World’s Seven Trappist Beers“. We were able to acquire the extremely rare and coveted Westvleteren, but were unable to locate the Achel. That has now changed:

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: habemus cerevisiam!
“I announce to you with great joy: We have the beer!”

I now have in possession two bottles of the Achel (depicted in the photo above).

My friend Reev Rohter graced me with these two bottles of Trappist dedication. Reev is the founder of the school at which I teach: Faustina Academy.

For those in the Dallas area who are looking for an excellent private school that seeks to form young men and women with a profound spiritual life, academic rigor, and commitment to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church, then check out Faustina Academy. Just to warn you, enrollment is extremely limited.

Anyway, back to the Trappist beers. I don’t know how Reev acquired them. I tried to get him to spill his guts, but he won’t tell. So the secret will die with him. Anyway, this proves that it is indeed possible to find all seven Trappist beers in the USA.

The only problem is that since it’s Lent, I won’t be able to enjoy these bottles of liquid blessing until the festival of Christ’s glorious resurrection. Check back after Easter for a full review of this final frontier of Trappist brewing: the Achel.

Hat tip and a Trappist toast to Reev Rohter.

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