More Breakaway Anglicans (and more Purple Shirts)

Nigerian Anglican Archbishop Peter J. Akinola

Can someone explain to me why every single Anglican shoot off requires the consecration of a plurality of bishops? The AMiA started off with a lot of bishops. It seems it’s the fashion. But why would you need four bishops to oversee 61 parishes?
A new breakaway Anglican group of 11 churches that left the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia over theological differences less than a year ago met last week for its first annual convention.

Four new bishops will be consecrated at 2 p.m. today to serve the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), which includes 61 member congregations siphoned from the Episcopal Church. Nigerian Archbishop Peter J. Akinola will preside at the ceremony at Church of the Epiphany in Herndon.

Read it all from Washington Times.

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