Patriarch Bartholomew and East-West Reunion

First of all the picture above of Bartholomew of Constantinople is amazing. Secondly, it seems that His All Holiness (yes, that’s his title) Patriarch Bartholomew had some discussions about “ecumenical progress” with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI:

Q: The addresses and common declaration you signed are “lofty” and compromising. Have you also spoken of the future?

Patriarch Bartholomew I: In this respect, I can say that I spoke with His Holiness of something — something that we could do. I presented him with a proposal which I cannot now elaborate on, as we await an official response, but I can say that His Holiness was very interested and that he received it favorably. We hope it can be undertaken as it is directed to that ecumenical progress that, as we have affirmed and written in the common declaration, both of us are determined to pursue.

Hat tip to Mark Adams.

Full interview.

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